There are 3 D’s you need to help your business flourish: doers, donors and door openers. Doers are the individuals you know will spend money with you. Casino’s refer to them as whales. They have plenty of money, love you and will spend money to work with you or purchase your product. These are the folks that are guaranteed to purchase every new product you create. They religiously come in to your shop each week to view and purchase your latest finds. They are invaluable for their loyalty.

Donors are the folks that happily help you out any time you request assistance. For the non-profit business they are the people that help you set up for your benefit event and stick around to help you tear down 10 hours later.

As a for-profit business these are the individuals that will take the time review a product idea and offer constructive advice, they may be on you advisory board offering strategic advice, and they may proofread the article you are going to place in a trade magazine. As independent professionals we have the disadvantage of not having another person to bounce ideas off of and no one to proofread the article we need to send quickly. The donors are always willing to jump in and provide help. They are an extension of your business.

Door openers are the individuals who introduce you to everyone. They seem to know just the right person at just the right time. These individuals either know ‘the’ person or put you in touch with ‘the’ person that knows ‘the’ person. Door openers extend your network.

You must recognize and reward the 3 D’s- doers, donors and door openers. Reward and recognition might be as simple as a personal thank you, a quick chat when they attend your seminar or a special product gift for buyer loyalty. It doesn’t need to be much but you must realize that these individuals are a huge part of your business.

A thriving business has a full network of all 3 D’s. Many individuals will be 2 of the 3 D’s. Most of the people on my advisory board have duel roles- donor/door opener, donor/doer. Cultivate all of the D’s.

Determine what you are to other business owners. Can you do more for another business? As we give of ourselves our world expands.