Balancing Machine

A balancing machine is a device used to establish and maintain the proper tension of a rotating machine. It is capable of performing tasks through rotation of individual parts as well as sensor detection.

Most balancing machines have a set of solid bases along with bearings and suspension. Most of these machines are also capable of balancing different parts such as rotors for electric motors, turbines, disc drives, fans, pumps, and also propellers.

The use of a balancing machine is quite simple. You should place items that need to be straightened directly onto the bearing either mechanically or manually. Then the unit is rotated using air-drive, end-drive, and also belt-drive. The item then vibrates during rotation. The vibration will make the sensors installed in the machine know the condition of the unbalanced unit. In addition, it can determine the number of shifts required to establish balance. In addition, it can also pinpoint where the load is needed to balance or where the load should be placed.

There are many types of balancing machines available. Two common types are soft bearing and hard bearing machines. Both differ in terms of suspension. Generally, hard-bearing balance machines require the use of lower frequencies to be more durable and flexible. This type of machine is ideal for use with objects of various weights.

On the other hand, soft-bearing machines require higher frequencies so they are less flexible. They require a new calibration for each use. Generally, they are used to balance items with the right properties. Although more time consuming, they are ideal for use for high production jobs.

You can also find vertical balancing machines. They are used primarily to calculate the balance of how far an item can move away from a geometric center in a standing position. Blade balancing machine is also available. It is mainly used to prevent additional correction for some items such as fans, turbines and propellers.

Furthermore, for instruments that are not easily disassembled, a portable balance machine would be ideal for use. Through displacement sensors mounted on the part, they can measure vibrations during operation. Then, they will identify the parts that need to be balanced.